Recruiting is a Team Sport

Shift the Mindset

  • Discuss with each team member, get aligned on the expectation of the involvement of recruiting
  • Create a system that rewards person who contributes more on recruiting. It could be a gift, or a stimulus reflected on the Preformance

Formalize the Process

  1. Craft all the introduction materials about the team, mainly mission and strategy
  2. Compose a convincing story that connects the mission, roadmap and on-going projects. If not everyone, at least TLs should be able to tell it fluently
  3. Setup a doc to track all the bootcampers’ basic info and progress. Ensure we know their background and pronounce their names correctly before talking
Tracking Progress
  1. Encourage every team member, including closely collaborating XFN members, to have a conversation with bootcamper
  2. Assign a task with clear expectation and a dedicated PoC
  3. Invite bootcamper to team meeting and lunch. Pick the time with highest attendance
  4. Constantly update the tracking doc with progress and feedback
  1. Identify bootcamper’s needs and concerns, discuss with team members, and get aligned on the strategy
  2. Curate the narrative of future conversations with bootcamper, focusing on addressing these concerns. E.g.:
  • If a bootcamper concerns about the mentorship and onboarding, go get a senior team member signed up to be his/her mentor
  • If a bootcamper concerns about the impact of the team’s work, we could schedule a meeting between the bootcamper and a senior PM or EM in the org. The recognition and appreciation from a senior leader outweigh the selling from ourselves
  • If a bootcamper concerns about the “reputation” of team’s work-life-balance, we could ask some team members to sincerely talk about their working hours and why they choose to perform in that way. Be transparent but focus on initiative/benefits





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TechLead @FaceBook

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