Write a Compliant Social Media Ad Copy

Make Reader Feel “Self-conscious”

  1. Ask a direct question: “Do you want to _____?”
  2. Imply the reader has a problem: “Are you concerned about your _____?”
  3. Use the wordYOU”: “Finally, there’s a solution for you _____”
  1. Speak in 1st or 3rd person: “Many people relate with this _____”
  2. Focus on the “message”, not the reader’s problem: “This is for those that need help with _____”

Clickbait-y Content

  1. “Why ____ may be harmful to your health?”
  2. “Find out how I make $_____ online in _____ days”
  3. “The dark secrets of ____”
  1. “Researchers found _____ might be harmful to health”
  2. “I made $_____ online with _____”
  3. “The proved benefit of _____”

Assertive Statements and Sensational Words

  1. “The best ____”
  2. “It will solve____”
  3. “It gets better in 3 days”
  1. “One of the best _____”
  2. “Research proved that it can help _____”
  3. “The symptom goes away sooner than Jason expected.”





TechLead @FaceBook

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TechLead @FaceBook

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